YMCA Childcare

In Home Care

In Home Care is care provided in the families own home to eligible families.

It is a program targeting families who don’t have or cannot access mainstream child care services. This may be because families work non-standard hours, have a child/ren or parent with a disability. It could be during a time when a parent or child is sick or recuperating from illness, multiple birth children, or have three or more children under school age.

The YMCA In Home Care services select and support quality child care educators to provide high quality child care in the families own homes for their childrenIn Home Care is a Government funding program, and is a capped services, meaning we have alimit in the number of places available.

Educators caring for children in In Home Care will provide opportunities for your child to:

  • Learn and develop new skills and interests
  • Participate in a supportive, caring and encouraging environment
  • Contribute their ideas and opinions to the program in ways that are valued and respected
  • Build self-confidence, a positive identity and social skills

In Home Care works in accordance with the requirements of the:

  • Queensland Childcare Act 2002
  • Queensland Childcare Regulation 2003
  • YMCA In Home Care Policies

Educators are self-employed and negotiate directly with the family on the setting of fees and are required to have the following:

  • Current First Aid and CPR Certificates
  • $10 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Working with Children Check (Blue Card)
  • Child Protection Training

If applicable/required:

  • Car Safety Check
  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis certificates
  • Educators must attend regular training sessions throughout the year
Families have access to all Government Child Care Assistance and rebate for fee reductions.