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Moral Development through Graphic Novels 31-08-2015

Moral Development through Graphic Novels

Can the use of comics help to introduce moral concepts to improve the development of a student’s ethical behaviour in a primary school setting? Could the concept just be a fun gimmick that attempts to appeal to the children’ interests? This article will analyse that question and provide evidence that supports both sides of this teaching strategy.

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Understanding the Rights of Our Children 06-08-2015

Understanding the Rights of Our Children

In 2014 the Children’s Rights Report was released by the National Children’ Commissioner. It reviewed how Australia as a nation responds to and meets the needs of young people and children. This report uses the United Nations convention on the rights of the child as a guideline to assess how the Australian Government is ensuring the basic human rights of all children.

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Casey, A YMCA OSHC Inspired Leader 02-08-2015

Casey, A YMCA OSHC Inspired Leader

YMCA Inspired Leaders is a four day long residential leadership and personal development program. It is run by the YMCA which aims to build strong and effective community change makers.

The program seeks to engage with young people aged 18 to 28 from across Australia; those who have an association with the YMCA or simply those seeking to take up the challenge of being community change makers.

Casey, was nominated by her Area Coordinator to attend the YMCA Inspired Leaders Camp, this is her article.

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YMCA & P&Cs27-07-2015

YMCA and P&Cs Qld Partner to provide high quality Outside School Hours Care

From 1 July 2014 YMCA and P&Cs Qld will partner to bring the best Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service to state schools across Queensland. The move is as a result of the identification of a common vision to provide a safe and fun environment for children outside of regular school hours.

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Casey, A YMCA OSHC Inspired Leader 13-06-2015

YMCA OSHC Programming

YMCA Outside School Hours Care Service provide and plan for their very own unique Individual Program . With this in mind that their Curriculum decision making is aligned within the National Quality Framework and My time Our Place principles and practices for school age children.

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