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YMCA Mitchelton Specialist OSHC is situated at Mitchelton Special school. The YMCA of Brisbane established the first Specialist OSHC in 2013 providing services to school age young people with disability. Situated in on secure school grounds, our room is best accessed via Osborne Road - look out for the big YMCA sign. The children and young people attending the service are engaged in a range of physical activities. We align this with our philosophy of learning through play to develop life skills that children can take into the real world on leaving the school. We endeavour to work towards building lasting friendships in a safe, supported and friendly environment.

Mitchelton Specialist OSHC provides a fun and engaging program in line with the National Quality Framework set by ACEQA and has been awarded the rating of Meeting National Quality Framework in assessment and rating.

Our team is comprised of a permanent Coordinator and a number of dedicated casual Assistants who are committed to providing a high quality of care for young people attending he service. All staff member have experience and training with a vast range of disabilities and have been trained in Epilepsy, ASD, Midazolam and Tube feeding as well as hold a current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate. In order to maintain our high level of care we offer a small operational ratio of 1 staff member to three young people to ensure we can provide individualised support and have the ability to cater for those with need requiring 1 on 1 care. All staff have participated in the YMCA of Brisbane's Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy training and can assist with all toileting needs. YMCA OSHC staff understand the need to be caring and professional at all times while maintaining a sense of fun.

YMCA Childcare- Meeting StandardsYMCA Identified a lack of reliable After School or Holiday Care support is preventing many parents from fully participating in the workforce or forcing them to take less skilled positions so that they can work during school hours only. Specialist OSHC provides support to families of children and young people with a disability so that parents can fully participate in the workforce. Not only does this impact on families incomes, it impacts on the general well-being of the parents, child, and family through measures of social isolation, high costs, relationship strain or break down and negative social attitudes. In offering Outside School Hours Care, families can have extra time to work regular hours, spend time with their other children who often miss out or take much needed respite. Specialist OSHC parents and carers of young people with a disability can rest assured that the most precious members of their family are left with a dedicated team who provide and exemplary standard of care along with the passion to ensure all individual needs and disabilities are catered for.

YMCA’s Specialist OSHC service is therefore designed to provide a unique opportunity to benefit both young people with a disability and their carers.

The service will provide parents and carers with:

  • An opportunity to fully participate and bring value to the workforce
  • A much needed level of respite
  • A supportive environment that creates a stronger feeling of community and enhances well-being for the family

Specialist OSHC will also provide young people with a disability with:

  • Opportunities to participate in developmental, social and recreational activities
  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Development of life skills that may reduce further dependence in the future
YMCA is building strong people, strong families and strong communities by enhancing lives