YMCA Childcare

Our Philosophy

We believe in:

  • The dignity and intrinsic worth of all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or belief.
  • The whole person, consisting of a body, mind and spirit, each of which is of equal importance.
  • Healthy communities based on relationships between people which are characterised by love, understanding, mutual respect and a sense of belonging.
  • Equality of opportunity and justice for all people.
  • The diversity of people, communities and nations.
  • Acceptance of personal responsibility.
We provide a visionary service far beyond the usual, where we ensure children have a childhood that is full of play, adventure and investigation.

Our aim is to provide a warm, caring atmosphere where all the children feel welcome and secure. We assist them to become confident learners, and to take part in their own learning process by providing them with the opportunity to develop a sense of worth and help them to feel valued as capable individuals.

We strongly believe in the importance of developing consistency between home practices and the care environment to enhance the child’s feeling of security which is the key to a successful learning environment. We recognise parents as children’s first educators.

We help to create a community where the adults and children experience a sense of connection and new possibilities for making the world a better place.

Our care environments are valued as an important part of the learning process and the children are encouraged to choose their activities and move freely between play experiences. We provide opportunities for whole group participation of all children and to promote their self-expression and develop self-esteem by incorporating aspects of different cultures into our curriculum.